“Every man, for his individual good and for the good of his society, is responsible for his own development.  The choices that govern his life are choices that he must make; they cannot be made by any other human being or by a collectively of human beings.”

Conservative Active has many objectives; it’s first will be to reignite a movement for the Conservatives & Classic Liberals in the U.K.. We aim to provide information/analysis in the U.K. including World Events.

For too long Conservatism has been defined by those who oppose it, it’s time we remade the case for Conservatism which will appeal to the masses.

We have seen new movements such as the “progressives” and the “alt right” both of which have risen through populism, such movements do not represent Conservatism or Liberalism but merely are pseudo by name. We have to go back and read for ourselves what true Conservatism and Classical Liberalism stand for, remind us of what it truly means to be free, make the case and win arguments.  We need to put our political institutions back in order.


‘Men’ that give you rights also have the power to take them away from you. The moment you are born there are some (as our Conservative friends in the States remind us), certain “unalienable rights” that cannot be taken away from you.

Before you can be a Conservative you must understand the ‘nature of man’. The individual must be free to make choices in their life, take their own path in order to better themselves who in return contribute to the very fabric of society.

Conservatism is often confused as ‘political theory’. Due to its interest in nature it is in fact a ‘way of life’. Through the human experience the individual knows best, if the government stay out of the way there are no limits to knowledge and to the pursuit of truth.

REIGNITING Classical Liberalism

Freedom for the individual, the right to privacy and stand up for what you believe in; all of these ideals over the last few decades have disappeared from the public arena. Those on the left now call themselves ‘progressives’, this progressivism and ‘mob mentality’ has resulted in those ideals being side tracked in pursuit to giving government more power over the individual.

The left, in the name of ‘social justice’ and other pseudo left wing movements, have turned their backs on what core Liberalism is. There are, however, some Liberals (in a classical sense) that remain in the field fighting away in the trenches.

These fights consist of two battles; one against the rising progressive movement that uses mob rule (which in turn has created a natural reactionary movement known as ‘Populism’), the other is wrestling back power from the government where the individual has been told over and over again to sacrifice their freedoms in the name of ‘national security’.