Jenan Moussa’s exclusive on German ISIS widow Omaima Abdi

This exclusive investigation into German ISIS in #Syria started months ago when we managed to obtain content of phone of ISIS widow Omaima Abdi from #Hamburg.

Content of phone consists of 36 GB, 24.634 files. Mainly pics taken by Abdi herself while in Germany & Syria.

Key notes;
– Omaima received social benefits in Germany before leaving
– In Hamburg she and her sister setup an online shop called Mumin shop
– In 2012 travels to meet Frankfurt based extremists, one of them who then becomes her husband Nader Hadra – who was born in Darmstadt-Germany
– Nader also took in part in a Dawa campaign in Frankfurt led by extremist preacher Ibrahim Abou Nagie

#Akhbar #OmaimaAbdi #ISIS #Syria

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