America 2018 | Normalising Child Abuse – 11 year old Boy In Drag At Gay Bars, Dances/Strips

Courtesy of the Daily Wire #LGBT #Trans #DesmondIsAmazing #ChildAbuse

A child is being sexually abused, right in front of our eyes, and many people in our culture are applauding while it happens. Anyone who fails to see the problem with this situation is probably too perverse and demented to be reached by any kind of logical or moral argument. But if I were to try and explain the self-evident, I would simply offer this thought experiment:

Imagine that Desmond was a girl. Not a boy in girl clothes, but an actual girl. Imagine it was an 11-year-old girl dancing sexually at a bar while a bunch of adult men hooted and hollered and tossed dollar bills in her direction. Drag shows are basically just burlesque for gay men, so let’s say this is a middle school burlesque dancer performing for drunken men at clubs and bars around New York.

There is no moral difference at all between the imaginary scenario described above and the actual case of the 11-year-old “drag kid.’ It is exactly the same thing. Those who believe in the fluidity of gender should especially agree that it’s exactly the same thing. The sexual exploitation of a boy by gay men is accepted and celebrated simply because gay men are a protected class, which is yet another reason to do away with those kinds of designations and treat everyone equally. No protected classes or victim classes.

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